Love and Honor : A Clean Military Romance Series Trailer

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When your husband is making the greatest sacrifice, will your friendships be enough during the hard times?

In the Love & Honor series, Devoted Love follows four married couples navigate the ever-changing circumstances of military life while doing their best to keep their marriages afloat.

Paige and Adrian, a couple who married in the late teen years, struggle with infertility and wonder if what they have in each other is enough.

Paige’s best friend, Olivia, handles responsibilities of new motherhood while her husband, C.J., is on the battlefield.

Jen’s husband’s fight with PTSD has driven a wedge between them, and while she feels guilty for wanting to escape, she can’t help but acknowledge their ever-growing distance.

And Terry, the altruistic sergeant’s wife, drops nuggets of wisdom along with bombs of that no one would have expected.

Military life carries challenges, both known and unknown, to those outside the ranks.

Who will fall divided, and who will come out victorious in both love and honor?

Honest Love picks up where Devoted Love ended.

Paige is now at a crossroads in her marriage. Should she focus on know who she is as a woman or attempt to restore her marriage with Adrian. She still loves Adrian, but both of them have changed and what they want in their life together seems to have evaporated.

Olivia has been through so much after the cancer scare, who knows if she and C.J. find a healthy balance back into their life?

Jackson has always been a strong foundation in his marriage. However, the sting of PTSD has caused so much pain and heartache; it’s hard for Jen to know what is best for her and her son, Brenden.

The only thing they can do is hope and pray the truth will lead them towards greater love for themselves and each other.

Real Love examines how change can be difficult, but to live a well lived life you must grow and evolve into who you really are.

Paige took the leap of faith and went on an adventure to not only discover the world and discover her authentic self. Will her relationship with Adrian stand the strain of time and change?

Olivia and CJ must find new ways to relate, love and care for each other even after another crisis. Will their love become stronger or will they grow apart?

After letting go of Jackson, Jen is now free to begin a new chapter. What will her new life look like, will her heart be open to love again?

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P.S. The Love and Honor series is currently only available as an ebook and is part of Kindle Unlimited. But don’t worry if you enjoy holding a “real” book in your hands, or would rather buy from another retailer. The L&H series will be available in hard and paperback this fall. It will also be for sale in all of the major online book seller. More info to follow.