Honest Love Available Now!

Honest Love picks up where Devoted Love ended.
Paige is now at a crossroads in her marriage. Should she focus on know who she is as a woman or attempt to restore her marriage with Adrian. She still loves Adrian, but both of them have changed and what they want in their life together seems to have evaporated. 

Olivia has been through so much after the cancer scare, who knows if she and C.J. find a healthy balance back into their life? 

Jackson has always been a strong foundation in his marriage. However, the sting of PTSD has caused so much pain and heartache; it’s hard for Jen to know what is best for her and her son, Brenden. 

The only thing they can do is hope and pray the truth will lead them towards greater love for themselves and each other. 

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P.S. The Love and Honor series is currently only available as an ebook and is part of Kindle Unlimited. But don’t worry if you enjoy holding a “real” book in your hands, or would rather buy from another retailer. The L&H series will be available in hard and paperback this fall. It will also be for sale in all of the major online book seller. More info to follow.