Love & Honor Book 1 Released June 23, 2020.

I’m excited to announce my debut Love & Honor military romance series. With book 1, Devoted Love. Below you will find little bit about the book. I hope you enjoy the the series as much as I enjoyed writing it. I look forward to your feedback, too.

About Devoted Love

Marriage is a battle, it’s even more of a battle when you’re fighting a war.

In the Love & Honor series, four married couples navigate the ever-changing circumstances of military life while doing their best to keep their marriages afloat. 

Meet High School Sweet Hearts Paige and Adrian

Paige and Adrian, a couple who married in the late teen years, struggle with infertility and wonder if what they have in each other is enough. 

Meet Olivia and C.J, the cute couple

Paige’s best friend, Olivia, handles responsibilities of new motherhood while her husband, C.J., is on the battlefield.

Meet Jen and Jackson, the couple who has been to war and back

Jen’s husband’s fight with PTSD has driven a wedge between them, and while she feels guilty for wanting to escape, she can’t help but acknowledge their ever-growing distance. 

Meet Terry, the wise friend who helps them all.

And Terry, the altruistic sergeant’s wife, drops nuggets of wisdom along with bombs of that no one would have expected. 

Military life carries challenges, both known and unknown, to those outside the ranks.  Who will fall divided, and who will come out victorious in both love and honor?